Is Indeed Job Search Engine Artificially Intelligent?

I work as a data science and machine learning consultant in Toronto area, Canada. I recently finished my contract with one of Canada's leadig telecommunication companies. Afte taking few days off, I just started looking for next contract job. Since Indeed is among one of most used search engine for ... read more

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is the identification of rare observations which do not conform with normal pattern in a dataset. Depending on application domain, anomaly detection is also referred as outlier, fraud, intrusion, misuse, deviation or exception detection. Anomaly detection has a wide range of applications such as (host or network) intrusion ... read more

How to Write Math in Kirby CMS

In my (link: text: second blog article), I wrote about the decision to choose Kirby CMS as a blogging platform. Kirby was perfectly up to my expectations until I started writing my last article, (link: text: Modeling a Natural Language). ... read more

Modeling a Natural Language

A natural language is any language that has evolved naturally over time in humans. Typically, a natural language has a finite set of words *V*, also called vocabulary. Based on vocabulary, a language then has a finite set of sentences *Vt*. A language modeling problem is about learning a probability ... read more