Is Indeed Job Search Engine Artificially Intelligent?

December 5th, 2017

I work as a data science and machine learning consultant in Toronto area, Canada. I recently finished my contract with one of Canada's leadig telecommunication companies. Afte taking few days off, I just started looking for next contract job.

Since Indeed is among one of most used search engine for job postings, I decided to give it a try first as I have had used it quite a bit in past for job search. Sometimes I even do search on Indeed to see how the job market is doing with respect to data science and machine learning.

It turns out Indeed has improved its search engine quite a bit over time. I remember at some point if you perform search "machine learning, contract", it will give you strangely unrelated results, for example, machine operator, lift operator etc. That was funny! Maybe, the search engine was mostly relying on keyword matching and not taking natural language concepts into account. However, if you perform same search now, it would mostly return relevant results. That shows Indeed has improved its search engine drastically over time. For sure, it has incorporated advanced concepts of NLP and machine learning into its scheme of algorithms.

With recent advances in data science, machine learning and NLP, it seems technological businesses are in processing of upgrading their coomputational algorithms and processes. In fact, that is not an option but a requirement if the businesses have to stay relevant in ever changing world of technology.