Marketing Data Science: How Ralph Got Trapped Into Free Business Traffic (1/5)

June 11th, 2021

Ralph runs a computer repair and data recovery business in the busiest town of Canada. I met him at his store on a sunny day in summer 2012, as I had just landed as an immigrant and needed an external storage device. Ralph quickly realized that I'm new in Canada. And I started sharing his immigrant experience, with a focus on how did he build his business as an entrepreneur.

Ralph had a clinky business website. He himself designed and built it - thanks to a $299 web design course I took at a local training center. Despite user experience and design, the website would always rank on top of the first page of Google search results against "computer repair" and "data recovery" keywords.

Ralph had heavily stuffed the website content with relevant keywords. “It is my money-printing machine”, he would say about his website. The website was bringing tons of inbound computer service calls every day and that too with a higher conversion rate.

One time investment he had made was \$299 course and the time spent to build the website. It was a 100 percent FREE TRAFFIC. He told me that this website has helped him to move from a rental apartment to a Condo (1st property) and recently to a $1 million detached home (2nd property).

After a few months, I got my first data science job and had to move out of that neighborhood. However, we had become very good friends and would often speak over the phone on weekends.

One night at 3 am, my phone rang and it was Ralph - one of my favorites on the contacts list.

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