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February 13th, 2017

Writing has always been close to my heart even though I am not a very good writer. I like to read about science, personal development and politics, and highly regard those who write on these and other topics. At many occasions in the past, I thought to start writing on topics of my interest in science and politics. In fact at least 3 time in the past I attempted to write blog posts on others sites but that could not last beyond few weeks. I had always had feeling that I am not prepared yet, primarily because I am not too proficient in English writing. The mean reason behind this is my technical background. Otherwise I believe it was never a big deal. One can master anything with persistently focused effort.

You cannot predict future with 100% accuracy but this time around I feel myself more determined. Therefore, I am starting this blog with rather stronger willpower. I am hoping to keep it on. Initially I am aiming to write at least twice a week on topics of my interest, like new technology, data science, machine learning, personal development etc. Eventually I would like to write a blog post on daily basis.

I wish myself good luck :)

Today's quote

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win